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Patricia Clardy:

Hello Patricia,

I am Billie Kiel's wife...he bought a male pup (Rudy) from you on Christmas eve - what a surprise! He mentioned you inquired about some photos, so I'll send a few along following this email. He (we've named him Frank) is a great dog, growing so fast, and such a handsome guy!

Thank you and take care,
Melissa Schleeper (Illinois)
Hello Patricia,
I just want to take a moment to thank you for Daisy! My family and I are so happy with her. Daisy is beautiful and such a well behaved puppy, she is really smart also.... By 12 weeks old we have taught her to set,shake,lay down, and roll!!! We were all shocked they she was so easy to train! Just wanted to thank you and share this with everyone that considers y'all when buying a puppy! Thanks again, Lori

Hi Patricia& Ron:

Patron was given a clean bill of health. The vet says he is very healthy.
Attached is a picture of Ron giving us Patron that I thought you might like.

Thanks Again,

Brett & Penny Lloyd

Hi Patricia,
I just wanted to let you know how much we have been enjoying our little girl! Sorry it has taken me so long to write. Things have been absolutely crazy with the move and trying to get everything unpacked and organized.

Maddy is enjoying her new home and the kids just love her. She is quite the water dog already. She tries to swim in her water dish and when I pull her out, her little paws are still going. Haha...
She is a very sweet and SMART girl. We haven't started training too much with her yet, but she is already starting to get the hang of little things.

I attached a few pictures for you to see how big she's getting already! The first one she's jumping our ditch in the back yard (she couldn't even go down the stairs a few weeks ago). The second, she's trying to eat the camera. And the third is just a nice one of her and her big brother.

We are so happy to have Maddy...

Take Care,
Tiffany (Colorado)
 Dear Pat,

  I certainly want to thank you for all the help you gave me in purchasing Sophie. Our little charcoal lady has really earned her “registered” name as Sweet Sophie. She is truly a treasure and I attribute this to her outstanding geneology. Silver Crest Labs obviously places heavy consideration to the mating of their dogs, to offer their clients the highest quality of breeding possible. That is truly the thoughts of myself, my husband, and others in our family who have noted Sophie’s beauty, her pleasing personality, and her quick responses/achievements in her learning and behaviors. She picks up on correct behaviors versus naughty behaviors quickly and responds appropriately. 
I also wish to recognize Silver Crest Labs for the helpfulness in answering all my questions in regards to Sophie and her care, present and future, and also about dogs in general. I would certainly refer others looking to purchase a silver or charcoal lab to Silver Crest. Initially, we were slightly hesitant about purchasing sight unseen, but I don’t feel that my choice would have been any different had I made the trip to AR.

  And thanks again Pat,

  Joanne M. (New York)
 Dear Patti and Ron,
This puppy is good medicine for the three of us! Thanks for giving him such a great foundation! He is so sweet and we love him :)

Hi Patricia! I hope you’re doing well and that you’ve had a good summer! I wanted to send you some updated pictures of our beautiful puppy. Here are some of the things she’s been up to lately:

· We have a couple of heifers now. Every once in a while, a kid (or parent!) will leave a gate open and they will wander out of their pasture. Arkey has proven to be a very good cow dog and always helps us get them corralled again. Sometimes she’ll try to get the cows to play with her and she’ll bark and get in that playful stance. On occasion, the cows will respond and Arkey will run away and realize they are MUCH bigger than her. Although - it doesn’t seem like long ago she would stretch as far as she could to drink from the cow trough, but now she can easily reach. If she grows into those ears, she’ll might be the size of a small heifer!
· Arkey has learned to swim and has spent a lot of time in our pond this summer. We have stocked the pond with a few catfish, but haven’t been able to catch any. Arkey is quick to remind us that this is HER swimming pond – not OUR fishing pond.
· We also got some chickens. We were worried about having chickens with a bird dog around, but Arkey has been really good with them. She hasn’t gotten to go dove hunting yet, but she is anxious. She goes NUTS when the boys come home from hunting. She is a natural bird dog. We can’t keep our duck decoys in the pond because it’s her instinct to pull them out. She is a riot!
· The kids love her and she is a constant companion to them whether they are riding bikes, building forts, or just plain running around. I think her favorite thing is to curl up with them on the couch and watch a movie. Last night, 3 of us were playing basketball. It was two against mom, so the boys suggested I have Arkey on my team. Well , the joke was on them – that dog blocked a pass! She was stealing the ball and would “dribble” it to me with her nose. We got to laughing so hard we couldn’t even play. Of course, then she tried to bite a hole in the ball - proving that she really is a dog!
· Arkey rides with us almost every day to drop the kids off at school and to pick them up. The kids are always so thrilled to see her and it is a love fest every day after school. 

We just love that dog so much. She sure brings a lot of joy into our lives. 

Take Care! 
Brandy Henderson (Texas)
Hello Patricia!

Hope all is well with you and your family. Wanted to share some pictures of our little man (well not so little anymore... Around 75lbs now). Barrett loves... Swimming in the pool, going on the boat, playing with his big sister, hunting all creatures in our yard (if it moves he's getting it), snuggling in bed, destroying his toys, loves loves loves food... Overall he is a happy, loving and loyal dog!!

Thank you again, he has turned out to be such an amazing dog and addition to our family!! 

Kelly Noonan
Willow is a vibrant feisty girl. I think she is the alpha. her whomping 19lbs dominates my 5 mo old 58lb ridgeback.
They are good pals.
She has really come to life and has so much personality
She is part piglet (snorts so cute)
And bunny rabbit how she hops and lays for big ol tummy rubs!!!!
Thank you again.

 from Maryland

I just wanted to check in. Casey is doing fantastic! We just love and adore her! She is getting so big so fast! The vet just loves her and raves about how beautiful she is! :) She loves to dig and chew on sticks! lol She is always trying to sneak one into the house. lol I have been bringing Casey with me on my short jogs and she loves it. She is great on the leash and stays right by my side. I thought that you might enjoy the attached pictures. She often thinks that she is one of our cats. lol In the one picture she climbed into my laundry basket while I was folding laundry. I didn't have the heart to get her out so there she slept for two hours! lol

 Hope all is well with you and your family!

Carol Lynn Calabro
Boston is such a smart pup. He has it all figured out. We have a baby monitor in the game room so I know exactly when he needs or wants something during sleep time. It is just really amazing to me how he is now sleeping from about 9:30pm to 4:30am, just as sound as can be. Yesterday he seemed so proud of himself that he could jump in and out of his pool. Toss him a ball and he will go get it and bring it back for you to do it again. When he wants to get rowdy and run, he finds Brod or Britt. When he gets scared (sirens, airplanes and bigger dogs aren’t his thing yet), he finds me and he finds me quick. When he just wants someone to pet him and rub his belly, he finds Clo (my wife). It is really funny to me that he has been with us less than a week and it’s as if he has always been there.

Thanks again. Also, he had a great check up last Friday from his Doc. He was the hit with all the staff. 

Hi Patricia,

I want to let you know how much enjoyment Skylar has brought to Bailey (my 13 year old Chocolate Lab) and me. I really believe she has given me more time with Bailey. They are truly buddies!

Skylar is a beautiful dog, as you can see. She loves going for walks, playing ball, playing in the water (inside and out!), chasing bugs, tearing up her toys and having her belly rubbed. 

She is very smart! Sometimes too smart! ;-)

I want to thank you for answering all my questions regarding your dogs, their certifications and your breeding history. Her vet says she has a great disposition! I called several breeders and you were very open and honest and answered all my questions without hesitation. I truly appreciate that and would recommend Silver Crest to anyone looking for a great dog.

Thanks again for Skylar!!

Kim Merriman-Texas

Hi Patricia, as promised here is a picture of our little guy out hiking. He is definitely growing fast.
Cindy Baer (Colorado)
Hey there Patricia, just wanted to let you know that Memphis is home safe and sound,,,,, and somehow already managed to go for a swim in the pool,,,, he and Sadie are still getting to know each other, it is a work in progress right now, they are kinda funny together........am going to
make pictures with the Canadian flag for your website. Just thought you would enjoy these for
now. Hope all is well.

Take care,
Wanda (Canada)
Hey Patricia,

Just wanted you to know that we loooovvve Loba and that she added so much dynamic and love to our lives. She is now 5 months old and gorgeous. We can even seat outside on restaurant patios that people keep asking us "OMG is that a Weimaraner?" and "she is the cutest dog ever". At one time, our record was 36 people that stopped us on the street and asked us about her, 36!!! Christy's 15 year old niece counted, she was amazed.

We could not be any happier with her, Thanks so much for the great dog she is! 

I m attaching couple of pictures of her and feel free to use them on your website!


Fabricio and Christie (Maine)
Hi Patricia :)
Just wanted to let you know that we FINALLY, LOL, picked a name.  
Believe it or not, we decided on Fireball! She is living up to it, haha!

She is doing fantastic. We have a hill that I take her up to pee n poo on and she is catching on very fast. She still gets up 2 or 3 times a night, but she just goes pee and goes right back to bed. I'm glad she gets up to tell me :)  
We absolutely adore her and our other dog is warming up to her and they like to play outside!  

Thank you again. I'll send you pics from time to time if that's ok :)

Hope all is well with you and your family.

Segren and Fireball!!!

Hi Patricia,

Hope all is well. Here is a picture of Ariya at 3 months. Thank you for all of your help.
Phillip (Florida)
I just want to personally say thank you! 
Our house is filled with joy, energy and the last missing puzzle is now here. Hunter our chocolate lab (who died to suddenly), left a huge hole in my heart. She is her own gal, but she brings a piece of hunter back to me. I am thrilled and so are my kids and the two pups look like they are off to a great start.

Meet Big Sis Nahla (Ridgeback) and Willow our newest addition. 

All our best

Marcie Hanish and my Crew

Hey patricia! not sure if you remember me, but me and evan came down in july from minnesota to get leo, our silver lab. just wanted to let you know everything is going great, he's such a great dog, everyone loves him. he's such a sweet heart an we couldn't be happier! i said id send some pictures, well I've just been too busy but here are a few of our big boy! we just wanted to say thanks again!!
Here is a picture of our son, Daxton, and Lucy first meeting! She is so sweet and can't thank you enough! She is doing really good - still sleeping a lot with wonderful puppy energy moments bursting through :). Promise to send more pictures soon - Thank you again for everything!

Heather Napolitano
I just wanted to send you a picture of Rylee. She is really growing and getting along well with her big sister Hershi. Thanks again, we love our new puppy.
Sheri Laumbattus