Silver Crest Labs is nestled on twenty acres of our family homestead here in central Arkansas. We feel it is the perfect country setting and environment for this amazing breed of dog. Our Dilute Labs have ample room to run and play while we supervise right from home or up-close and personal with a great exuberating game of fetch.

 As Silver Labrador breeders, we are very proud of the beautiful and spacious kennels we have built for our family Labs. They are located in a very shady area beneath our beautiful trees, to accommodate for the warmer months of the hot Arkansas sun. They have very roomy paddocks for each of our dogs as well as an acre of fenced yard for them to just run and play.
Silver Crest Labs
Home to Outstanding Silver and Charcoal 
Labrador Retrievers
Silver Labs
Patricia Clardy: 501-332-5423

My husband and I have been married for 40 years and our love and passion for not just each other but also animals has always been very strong. When we are not lounging around on the back porch with the kids (our Silver Labs) we go for walks, play fetch, spend time grooming and just generally loving our family companions.

 All of our charcoal Lab puppies are OFA certified, CERF cleared, and DNA profiled before they enter our breeding program. We want to make sure that we are doing everything we can on our end to ensure that your new family member will live many happy years with you.

 We are always available for questions and sharing stories long after your Silver Labrador puppy or your Charcoal Labrador puppy goes home to you. Although we raise your new family member for their first weeks of life, we feel like they are part of our life for the rest of their lives. So please feel free to e-mail, or call us anytime. Please remember we are on Central time zone when calling.
 We look forward to the rest of our lives with the beautiful Silver Labrador and Charcoal Labrador retriever breeds.
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