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AKC Dilute Labrador Retriever Puppies

Dilute Labrador retriever puppies date back to the original genetics of the breed, however the dilute gene is much like an albino gene and quite rare. A dilute gene is a gene that is recessive and takes two to bring out the dilute color. For Labs, the dilute gene over black delivers a puppy that is charcoal in color to the human eye and the dilute gene over chocolate delivers a puppy that is silver in color to the human eye. 

Lighting plays a big factor on how the color is seen. Artificial lighting for a dilute lab of silver makes them look light sledge or mousy brown, and a charcoal lab will look a very smokey black. For this reason, The AKC back in 1987 after very extensive parental lineage dna research came to the conclusion that there was no reason what so ever to doubt that Dilute labs are indeed purebred Labrador Retrievers but because of the breed standard color guidelines set forth, they fall into the range of color variations thus have no need for their own color placement in AKC. Dilute Charcoal labs are registered as black and Dilute Silver labs are registered as Chocolate.

Oh to love puppies, especially the Labrador Retriever puppy….. From the very start, Labrador Retriever puppies are little balls of love. Not much different from when they grow to be full size between 70 to 100 #’s respectively depending on male/female/ and lineage. 

At 4 weeks old, Lab puppies start to be very mobile and love to explore everything! Dilute Labs, with their beautiful unique shades of color, are especially fun to watch prance and dance around as they play with each other, mom, and people around them. 

The best puppies are well socialized puppies and here at Silver Crest Labs we spend a great deal of our day interacting and socializing with them to assure that they are well adjusted to go home to their new families. Everything from mini games of fetch and chase, to just unconditional bonding love and holding. Our Labs are very prepared to go to their new homes ready to love and be loved.

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