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Arkansas Breeders - Silver Labradors
Arkansas Breeders - Silver LabradorsArkansas Breeders - Silver LabradorsArkansas Breeders - Silver Labradors
Arkansas Breeders - Silver Labradors
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  Welcome to Silver Crest Labs. Thank you for you stopping by.  We are located in the heart of central Arkansas and specialize in producing  Charcoal and Silver AKC Labrador Retriever Puppies.

  As Charcoal and  Silver Labrador breeders, we pride ourselves in having some of the finest bloodlines across the United States.

   To do this we researched and traveled all over the U.S. to find individual Silver Labs that we believed to be the closest representation of the Labrador Retriever breed standard.  Our Silver and Charcoal Labrador Retriever Puppies for sale are unique as well as follow the Labrador standard.  
During our travels and our quest for dilute Labrador Retrievers for our breeding program, we knew that temperament had to be among the top of our list of things to look for in each of the Labs that we sought after. This was essential to us to ensure that you as the new puppy family have not only a wonderful family companion, but also great hunters and partners in the field with a Silver Crest Labs Labrador. 
How did we come to love the dilute Labrador Retrievers? So many things caught our attention as we watched them dance across the field and interact with each other as well as us. Their gentle nature, their poise and grace, their stunning beauty and the undeniable loyalty made us certain that the Dilute Labradors were the breed for us! We decided right then and there that we wanted to raise these majestic animals as part of our family for our future.

 One look at a Labrador Retriever will melt your heart and make your imagination soar with possibilities. Not only are the Charcoal and Silver Lab Puppies for sale just as breathtaking, but mature adults are undoubtedly the most gorgeous dogs we have ever seen.
 We have been very blessed to have the opportunity to now call all of our 4 legged kiddos part of our beloved family.
 Please browse around our website and enjoy our family. We will update regularly, so please come back often.

 Thank you, The Clardy Family

Copyright 2010: Silver Crest Labs | Silver Labrador Breeders. All Rights Reserved.
As we have taken on this new adventure in our lives of raising Silver and Charcoal Labrador Retrievers, we have had an abundance of wonderful guidance from many of the top breeders in the industry. Our warmest thanks and blessings pour out to all of those who have answered questions, offered guidance, and given us support as we transition into our new found passion for the Silver and Charcoal Labrador Retrievers.
This page was last updated: July 13, 2018
Puppies - Charcoal Labs
Puppies - Charcoal Labs
Puppies - Charcoal Labs
Puppies - Charcoal Labs
Puppies - Charcoal Labs
Puppies - Charcoal Labs


I just wanted to send you a picture of Rylee. She is really growing and getting along well with her big sister Hershi. Thanks again, we love our new puppy.
Sheri Laumbattus
Hi Patricia :)
Just wanted to let you know that we FINALLY, LOL, picked a name.  
Believe it or not, we decided on Fireball! She is living up to it, haha!

She is doing fantastic. We have a hill that I take her up to pee n poo on and she is catching on very fast. She still gets up 2 or 3 times a night, but she just goes pee and goes right back to bed. I'm glad she gets up to tell me :)  
We absolutely adore her and our other dog is warming up to her and they like to play outside!  

Thank you again. I'll send you pics from time to time if that's ok :)

Hope all is well with you and your family.

Segren and Fireball!!!

Allison and Bailey
(puppy owner)
FIREBALL with her family.
Puppies - Charcoal Labs